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And We’re Back!

Welcome to the new Le Cinema Bébé, where I examine films relating to pregnancy, infertility, adoption, abortion & reproductive rights, etc.

This blog will post content every two weeks. Each week will be entirely devoted to a different movie - featuring quotes, photos, gifs, etc, which will lead up to a full length review of the film at the end of the week. I’ll be kicking things off with Father of the Bride Part II, starting October 5th.

Gender + Pregnancy

One of the main purposes of Le Cinema Bébé is to confront mainstream assumptions about gender, pregnancy/starting a family, and how these two things relate to each other.

Movies featured on Le Cinema Bébé may use transphobic language by assuming that all women have a uterus or that only women can give birth. Many of these films also tend include various degrees of sexism and often to stick to very rigid gender roles (ie: all women want to have children, etc). These viewpoints are not only wrong, they are downright hurtful. Such opinions do not reflect the views of this blog, or its contributors. Any such quotes from these films will only be used for the purpose of critique / criticism.. Contributors for Le Cinema Bébé make very their best efforts not to use sexist, transphobic, or otherwise problematic language in our original content. That said, if there is something in reviews or essays that you find harmful or offensive, please let us know.

Le Cinéma Bébé: An Overview

This tumblr is dedicated to analyzing the depiction of pregnancy, adoption, infertility and abortion in film. And anything else related to pregnancy/becoming a first time parent.


So, why pregnancy based films?

I’m at the age where most of my peers already have kids. Like, multiple children. To say I’m feeling a little pressure to join their ranks would be an understatement. This experience has left me curious as to how the media reinforces our ideas about becoming parents and what pregnancy/motherhood/etc “should” be. Limiting myself to film, particularly movies that have pregnancy/becoming a parent as a main plot point, just seemed like the best place to start.

That, and because I’m pretty sure there isn’t someone else already doing this.

Are there any pregnancy based films that you won’t review?

As of October 2014, I do not have any plans to review documentaries. But that might change as the project goes on, so feel free to suggest any relevant docs.

That said, I absolutely will not review any horror or fantasy films. No Rosemary’s Baby, no Twilight: Breaking Dawn, none of that. While we’re at it, no scary thrillers about a deranged woman who is trying to steal someone’s baby. And while I do have a few exceptions in this category, don’t expect to see much in the way of science fiction (that means no Children of Men).

Have you reviewed (name of film)?

If the movie you are interested in isn’t listed on the sidebar, click on the link for “More Films…” which will take you to a master list of every movie we’ve featured so far. From there, you can follow the links to view all content related to a particular film (which is how I recommend using this blog).

When will you review (name of film)?

If it is a major Hollywood release from the last thirty years, then I almost certainly have plans to review it sometime over the next year. If the film you are interested in falls outside of the mainstream (or if it is a much older film), then by all means, let me that you’re interested in seeing it reviewed. Though I have plans to review a fair amount of indie movies, don’t be afraid to let me know more about films that might fly under the radar.

Also, I am especially interested in finding films that deal with miscarriage, LGTBQ parents trying to conceive or adopt a child, becoming a parent to a child with special needs, becoming a foster parent and other pregnancy/baby based issues that aren’t often seen in mainstream film. If you’re aware of any (good or bad), please let me know!

Featured Films

Every movie covered on Le Cinema Bébé. We feature a new movie every two weeks so check back soon!

Click on the titles to view all content related to that film.

Father of the Bride Part II



We’re coming back!

Le Cinéma Bébé  will be re-launching within the next month, with new reviews coming later this fall. Huzzah!

Unfortunately, in order to relaunch and keep tumblr useable for me (and my personal blog), I had to take the old page out of commission. Sorry!

The old blog will no longer have any other updates. If you’re interested in reading more reviews of pregnancy films - please follow this blog!

I will be moving the previous content over to the blog over the next few weeks. Once all of the old content has been reblogged, I will begin posting new reviews. The goal is to do at least one film every two weeks, though this may change depending on my work schedule.